All of our programs feature 40% profit, free catalogs and free prizes. We package each seller's order for easy distribution.


All New for 2021! Zag Fundraising is pleased to offer Cookie Con Amore Homemade Italian Cookies. These authentic Italian cookies are made with the love and nostalgia of the Italian heritage. Cookies are rich, made with recipes handed down from generations, perfect for the Italian food affectionate!

  • All ingredients and flavorings are natural, including the use of unbleached flour, organic sugar and fresh eggs. There are no preservatives to our products.

  • Gluten-free options are with a custom blend of gluten-free flours, replicating several classics without sacrificing taste.

  • ALL priced at just $11.00 each

  • Pairs perfectly with our Boston's Best Coffee program or any of our program options!

  • CONTACT US today for more information


All New for 2021! Zag Fundraising is pleased to offer award winning Boston's Best Coffee Roasters. Featuring fine coffee beans grow all over the world, Boston's Best roasting process allows them to extract superior flavor in all of their coffees and their roasting system enables them to set a perfectly roast their beans, batch after batch!

  • Each 11oz. Bag of Ground Coffee Makes up to 70 Cups of Delicious Coffee

  • Eight Perfectly Roasted Flavors are Ready to Brew

  • Single Serve Cups are Available 12 Per Box

  • Single Cups are Available in Six Delectable Flavors

  • Boston's Best state-of-the-art roastery is SQF Ed. 8, USDA Organic and Fair-Trade Certified, and USDA, FDA, and Kosher approved.

  • Winning the “Award of Excellence” from the Fine Beverages & Food Federation reconfirms what restaurateurs, chefs and coffee drinkers say every day, Boston’s Best is simply the best!

  • Pairs perfectly with our Cookies Con Amore program or any of our program options!

  • CONTACT US today for more information


If you're looking for a fundraiser that is truly unique, then this is the program for you! Delicious cookie dough ready to eat right out of the container!


  • An outstanding variety of delicious cookie dough! No baking, ready to eat right from the container! Featuring four of the most popular cookie dough flavors: Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, Triple Chocolate and Cookies n Cream!

  • Easily paired with other catalogs.

  • Contact us today to learn more!



Sensational Snacks


The Sensational Snacks program is an easy way to raise funds for your organization! Decadent chocolates come a variety of scrumptious flavors and specialty treats like Butter Toasted Peanuts are packaged in pop up cans. Want even more profits? This catalog works great when paired with our Knock Your Socks Off catalog!


  • 25 unique snacks including Almond Roca, Pecanbacks, Chocolate Covered Almonds,  Cookie Dough Dots and more! 

  • Priced at $10.00 to $12.00

  • Contact us today to learn more!

Sensational snacks 417_Page_2_edited.jpg
Sensational snacks 417_Page_2_edited.jpg
Sensational snacks 417_Page_3.jpg


The ever popular gourmet treat will have your mouth watering just looking at it! Popcornopolis popcorn is made in small batches from fresh ingredients, then sealed in specially designed bags with vapor protection technology for the best popcorn experience ever!


  • An outstanding variety of the country's most popular popcorns, such as Caramel, Kettle Corn and Cheddar Cheese!

  • Unique flavors such as Zebra, Jalapeno Cheese, Almond Caramel and the newest flavor, UNICORN,  add new taste experiences to your popcorn palate! 

  • Two sizes available: Regular and Jumbo!

  • Easily paired with other catalogs

  • Contact us today to learn more!


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