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Zag Fundraising Online Store!

 Below you can register a student, shop to support a seller, or log in to your  organization's  account!



  Students Register by:
   1. Click the REGISTER HERE button: Click HERE!
   2. Choose your organization's state from the drop down menu
   3. Next, choose your organization from the Select School drop down menu and click the REGISTER             button 
   4. Answer a few question, click NEXT and write down your Seller ID
 Welcome to Our Online Store!
 We accept Visa, MasterCard and debit cards.
  • TO SHOP:  To place an order and support a student, please have the unique STUDENT ID ready and CLICK HERE to start shopping! Please note that you will be taken to our online store! 
  • For questions regarding Zag Fundraising's Online Store, please CLICK HERE!



  • To View Organization Sales, Registered Members or to Share School Fundraiser Page, please CLICK HERE and enter your GROUP ID and PASSWORD (PLEASE USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS WHEN LOGGING IN!)

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